How Warren Bernhardt’s Music Could Enrich Mobile Casino Experience

Bernhardt Music Enrich Mobile Casino Experience

Online gambling providers are always on the lookout for things to help them create a better, more wholesome, and more enjoyable gaming experience for the players. In today’s modern era, a special emphasis is on mobile casinos, as more and more players are taking their gaming sessions on the go.

Good music has always played a significant role in online gambling, but there is always room for improvement. And, one improvement we’d like to see would be seeing Warren Bernhardt’s music added to some casino games.

Born in 1938, Bernhardt is masterful pianist focused on classical, jazz, and pop music, and his work deserves much more exposure. With online gambling industry growing so big, it could be a great tool to introduce more people around the world to Bernhardt’s work.

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Where Does Bernhardt’s Music Fit In?

If you’re familiar with Bernhardt’s work, or you’ve checked some of his compositions on YouTube after coming across this article, you might be wondering how his music could blend in with the casino experience.

For the most part, Warren features softer tones and calmer compositions, that don’t necessarily fit in with the buzz and the excitement of the casino environment. However, upon second thought, there is plenty of opportunity for these works to be used on mobile casino platform.

The first thing that comes to mind is the background music for table games. Calming and soothing tones would fit perfectly as players who prefer table games aren’t necessarily looking to be distracted by loud noises. They get all the rush they need from the games, so smooth background music combining classic and jazz tones is a great fit.

That said, some of his works would make great background music for some video slots as well.

While recent trends have been inclined more towards games with a lot of hype and loud noises, there are still game providers making titles designed to help players chill and relax. A game with that kind of a mission would find Bernhardt’s music quite useful.

Who Calls the Shots?

Game developers have access to a wide array of media materials, so it’s hard to say if one of these studios will ever pick up on this idea and we’ll actually get to see a game featuring one of Warren Bernhardt’s works. Articles such as this one could help, though.

I have no doubt that it’s just the matter of someone in charge discovering his works and taking enough time to listen to them. Then it would just be the matter of incorporating the music into one of their upcoming projects or even coming up with a whole new game inspired by it. Either way works!